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Stephanie started working as a volunteer because her community had a crime wave. Gradually, she became a crime prevention specialist and coordinator in “high fear” neighborhoods and saw drug dealers, domestic violence, child abusers, gangs, and social decay. But at the same time, she saw children who were able to move beyond fear, bullies, and abuse to excel in their chosen fields. She asked herself why some children struggle and fail while other kids excel under similar conditions. She found answers working with the homeless and started support groups, which included ex-felons. They wanted to know what they needed to change to stay out of prison.

Stephanie worked with Pastor Flemon Henry in Oakland, California, and learned what many homeless people never learned as children. Everyone shared stories and discussed solutions. Within three months, some of the homeless found jobs while others admitted they had a drug problem. They got them into drug rehab.

As a result, Stephanie saw a critical need to help strengthen families when children are young and vulnerable. She developed this ten-step guidebook, which can help you find answers for your family.

The key is self-awareness, which leads to self-discipline, self-control, and self-esteem. No matter what chaos has occurred in their lives, youth can succeed if they develop the three Cs: courage, character, and conscience. When youth have the emotional tools to avoid anger and temptations, they grow strong from within and less likely to go down a self-destructive path.

Focus on prevention to keep children safe and healthy. Parents and grandparents can empower children so they learn how to stay emotionally centered! Adults can also help neighbors connect with each other. A network of caring adults can become mentors and keep children safe in neighborhoods.

In this book, all “A Life Experience” stories are true! They are from Stephanie Mann’s experience and the people she worked with for thirty-five years. Their names have been changed to protect their identities.

February 21
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