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“No matter what happens over the next few hours and days—everyone, remain calm. This is not the end, but only the end of the world as we know it…”


Unfortunately, when some people read the phrase “end of the world,” they envision cataclysmic scenarios that involve apocalyptic doom and global destruction. They tend to see all chaos and crisis through this negative lens, and sadly, it destroys their hope for the future. This is not that kind of message!  


Bestselling author and respected prophetic leader, Johnny Enlow, believes that often before there is a “great awakening,” we experience a rude awakening — a shaking. Throughout history, landscape-shaping revival and societal reformation have often come just on the other side of an earth-shattering crisis. If the magnitude of crisis gives one a prophetic glimpse of the glory, transformation, and revival that is to come, then be encouraged! 


This prophetic book will infuse you with hope and confidence, providing you a Biblical framework on how to navigate uncertain days of crisis, fear, and calamity.


You will:

Receive strength and courage to cross over through crisis, knowing that God’s plans, purposes, and promises are often waiting on the other side of a storm.
Have a stable, Bible-based perspective on the end-times: How to live in light of the return of Jesus while fulfilling His assignment to “occupy until I come.”
Gain access to special prophetic intel: God hears the cries of China, the 2020 Election, the centrality of Israel in God’s timeline, the spiritual significance of the Kansas City Superbowl Victory, and 5 keys to navigating the “New Era”.


Many prophets have been heralding the decade of the 2020s as the birth of a New Era. It’s true!  However, for the new to unfold, the old must end. Learn how to prophetically discern the movement of God and the advancement of His unshakeable Kingdom during the shaking and crisis you are going through!

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April 13
Destiny Image Publishers
Destiny Image Publishers

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