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The Meat Grinder Murderer captures pretty women with flowing auburn locks. Binds them to his "atonement board." Tortures, mutilates, and disembowels them with meat tenderizers. He stalks the Sage River Parkway where Jewels and her friend, Ronay, often cycle. As a journalistic endeavor, Jewels decides to track down the gruesome murderer. Wrangles Ronay—a strikingly pretty brunette with long hair—into assisting her. Jewels keeps her investigation a secret from Marshall.

Ruthless murderer, Gerald Whitlock, aka Tank is obsessed with Jewels and plots his escape from the Mayberry-like New Greensburgh City jail to reclaim her. This time for good. He writes Jewels numerous letters and invites her to visit him. Jewels receives the letters and keeps them a secret from Marshall. Decides to accept Tank’s invitation to visit him while he’s behind bars. Doesn’t tell Marshall about that either.

A phone caller using a synthesized voice has taken control of Marshall’s life, threatening to harm Jewels if he does not comply with every request. And Marshall is forbidden to mention it to anyone. He is forced to keep the blackmail a secret. About the same time, an old flame barges into Marshall’s life. Coincidence, or something more?

Will Jewels and Marshall survive the backlash of their secrets? Or will their secrets end up causing someone’s death? Find out in this rocket ride thriller fifth novel in the Jewels TRUST series, Endangered Trust.

If you’ve followed the series from the beginning, you have tracked Jewels’ character development as she honed her defensive skills—by stumbling into more trouble than she’s bargained for—as well as her abilities to cope with the ups and downs of love, relationships, and marriage. Endangered Trust thrusts Jewels into volatile situations that force her to overcome intense physical and emotional challenges she’s never before experienced. Lives become endangered. Failure guarantees death. To her? Her hero husband, Marshall? Her dear friend, Ronay?

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 21
Shirley Spain
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