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09/21/2016: Updated to Xcode 8 and Swift 3!

Learn Apple's game engine called SpriteKit together with Swift. Along the way I'll introduce you to some programming concepts that make your code easier to write, read, re-use and will make your game more robust. 

Together we'll build an Endless Runner space themed game where the player must avoid meteors and pick up stars for bonus points. Fast paced games anyone can pick up an play are a great place to start your journey as a game developer. 

All you need is a Mac and a copy of Xcode downloaded for free from the Mac App Store. I have provided the rest. Let's get started. 



- Updated for Xcode 8.0 and Swift 3.0. Be sure to get the latest source code for the project from GitHub.com.


- Source code in the book is now Monaco 10 pt for easier reading.

- Corrected minor grammar and spelling mistakes.

- Corrected some minor formatting issues and image positions.

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January 31
Jeremy Novak
Jeremy Novak

Customer Reviews

Sonoblaise ,

Perfect for beginners!

This book is perfect for newcomers to Swift and iOS programming. The facts that it is game oriented makes it really enjoyable and it shows you some best practices to manage the inner workings of an actual game.

IT IS NOT a book about programming basics, so if you are new to coding, you need to spend some time learning about programming in general.
It’s good to have a basic understanding of Swift beforehand, so maybe going through the basic tutorials provided by Apple and other third party sources would be a good idea to grasp the basic syntax.

If you feel like going more in depth on some of the things you will use during the book, Apple’s documentation is the place to go. The project is simple enough so that you can understand what is happening without going the extra mile, but since it’s for beginners, I would say it’s good to dig deeper as find interesting features.

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