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4 Volumes in 1. A comprehensive and pragmatic guidebook to help you free your mind from the effects of cultural programming and conditioning. This programming and brainwashing has created an internal virtual reality Matrix that exists in your head, which you mistakenly think is objective reality itself. Most everyone in society is in their own Matrix, and it operates like a collective hallucination, video game, or consensus reality. The Matrix runs based upon the programming and is a form of mind control, which ultimately then controls your behaviors and life–yes, you too! The Matrix excludes vast portions of reality that you are missing out on experiencing; it also distorts and twists some parts, and it even introduces phantoms and illusions that result from various false/fictional programs. This guide empowers you to clean up that mess.

With a focus on pragmatism and being a guidebook, homework assignments and exercises are provided for you to do the work to free your own mind. This book teaches you how to think clearly for yourself. The programming also modifies your true self and turns it into a character, or Matrix Avatar, that is adapted and suitable for life imprisoned in this limited and distorted Matrix. Therefore, what you truly and actually are as a person has likewise had portions excluded, distorted, and you have suffered from the introduction of untrue and phantom elements. This guide leads you through how to fix that and reclaim your true self–a self that you haven't fully been since early childhood.

This guidebook provides detailed knowledge and concepts about how the Matrix was created, how your mind/brain projects it, and what the effects are. A host of tools, techniques, and strategies are given that you can utilize to deprogram your mind. This deprogramming will serve to dissolve your internal virtual reality Matrix as well as your Matrix Avatar. With study and action, you can reclaim your true self and be free to explore reality itself–you can escape the Matrix!

This guidebook is perhaps some combination of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Philosophy. It is a 'self help' guide that is designed to provide you with the required knowledge and understanding, some pitfalls and dangers to avoid, pragmatic action items, and some council, guidance, and wisdom. In general, this guidebook is about leading you to radical transformation and empowerment; it is about liberation and freedom from mind control and behavior control.

Health, Mind & Body
March 9
Matthew Stubbs
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