Escaping Reality Escaping Reality
Book 1 - The Secret Life of Amy Bensen

Escaping Reality

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Publisher Description

*The Secret Life of Amy Bensen is now a streaming series on Passionflix!*

The first book in the sexy, suspenseful Secret Life of Amy Bensen series from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones.

His touch spirals through me, warm and sweet, wicked and hot. I shouldn’t trust him. I shouldn’t tell him my secrets. But how do I not when he is the reason I breathe? He is what I need.

At the young age of eighteen, tragedy and a dark secret force Lara to flee all she has known and loved to start a new life. Now years later, with a new identity as Amy, she’s finally dared to believe she is forgotten—even if she cannot forget. But just when she lets her guard down, the ghosts of her past are quick to punish her, forcing her back on the run.

On a plane, struggling to face the devastation of losing everything again and starting over, Amy meets Liam Stone, a darkly entrancing billionaire recluse, who is also a brilliant, and famous, prodigy architect. A man who knows what he wants and goes after it. And what he wants is Amy. Refusing to take “no” as an answer, he sweeps her into a passionate affair, pushing her to her erotic limits. He wants to possess her. He makes her want to be possessed. Liam demands everything from her, accepting nothing less. But what if she is too devastated by tragedy to know when he wants more than she should give?

June 17
Gallery Books
Simon & Schuster Canada

Customer Reviews

Buffyanna ,

Billionaire romance with mystery twist

Yet another billionaire romance? Yeah, I've read more than my fair share. But this one really was fun to read; I definitely recommend it; and I'm looking forward to the next in this series.

Mystery and suspense are at the heart of The Secret Life of Amy Bensen. In a fast-paced introduction we meet Amy, a young woman who has just received a message telling her that her life is in danger, again, and she must run. Shaken and dismayed she obeys the enclosed instructions, leaving her job and belongings behind, to catch a flight halfway across the country and begin a new life, with a new identity.

Who is Amy? What happened to her family? What is she running from? Who is her "handler"? I love mysteries and these questions kept me hooked and turning page after page, late into the night.

During her flight, Amy finds herself seated next to a very handsome man. The quintessential sexy billionaire. You know the fantasy. Brilliant, young, self-made man-who-could-have-anything-he-wants falls suddenly in love with a woman he has just met and becomes obsessively devoted to her. In this case, Liam Stone is an architect prodigy, offering Amy an escape from her frightful reality through his strength, protection and carnal pleasures. Unfortunately, he is also bossy and overbearing (like every other sexy billionaire we know). Love it or leave it!

Unlike Fifty Shades of Grey, this book is NOT all about sex. Yes, they have sex and it IS hot. But you won't be subjected to endless scenes of it. As the suspense continues, our questions shift in focus. How much does Liam know about Amy's past? Who is Amy's new "boss"? Are her new friends, Meg, and neighbour, Jared, who and what they claim to be? Like Amy's desperation, these questions tighten like a noose until the climactic cliffhanger ending.

Lisa Renee Jones has delivered an exciting, captivating mystery/romance that is a joy to read, finding that delicate balance between keeping her readers in the dark and keeping them enthralled. I am very eager to read Book 2, Infinite Possibilities.

(Received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.)

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