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Taesa will do anything to save her mom from the Alzheimer's disease that is destroying her.

Taesa has started a new job, one that she loves but is hoping will give her the connections she needs. Her boss, though, has a past that is coming back with a vengeance and is putting Taesa squarely in the middle. Being pulled in many directions, Taesa has a difficult decision to make – lose her mom to the disease or destroy someone else's life in the hope she can save her mom's.

Kal has been entrusted with his mom's million-dollar jewelry. Ones that are linked to a mysterious and sketchy past. There has already been more than one attempt at stealing them. If that isn't enough, Kal's adopted teenage sister comes to stay with him and is determined to find her real mom and dad. With or without his help. She has run away once and she seems to know more about the jewelry and their real value. And will use them if they will help find her real parents.

Taesa and Kal are asked to work together. Kal's mom and Taesa's boss's have a past that is intricately connected not only to each other but to that of the jewelry that is being sent to each of the foster sisters. Their snooping puts them in the path of those wanting to hide their true identity and to keep the past in the past. Those people also want that jewelry. They will do anything to get it. Lie. Kidnap. Even kill.

Marlisa grew up in a Foster Home run by Mrs. Stephanos. Now, thirty-five years later, the bauble she played with as a child, has arrived. And it is worth over a million dollars. She is the fourth of the foster sisters to receive her jewelry. But who is sending them out? And what is their end game?

Exploited Innocence is book 3 in The Twisted Deception Suspense Thriller Mystery Series. All books in the series have standalone stories, no cliffhangers for it. But the story running in the background, the story that connects all the books, will keep you reading. Who is behind sending out the gems and what is their end game? An engaging thriller mystery with some interesting twists. Enjoy!

"So much going on but so good. Keep reading… Great series. Looking for book 4. Hint. Hint." A. Doug

"I love this series. I'm starting to figure out who the real bad guys are…" Sheryl K.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 1
Maggie Thom
Draft2Digital, LLC

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