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Having undertaken more than thirty dives to the wreck of the Titanic, acclaimed director James Cameron has probably gained more first-hand insight into the sinking of the ship than any person alive today. Now, on the centenary of the tragedy, this deluxe coffee-table book tells the complete story of his remarkable expeditions and the incredible technological innovations that made them possible. Capturing all the excitement, danger, and wonder of these pioneering expeditions, Exploring the Deep will also examine the legacy of Cameron’s explorations and the considerable impact they have made on our understanding of the disaster. Emotional, evocative, and filled with previously unpublished images and revelations about the wreck, Exploring the Deep is the definitive book on Cameron’s expeditions.

Containing a treasure trove of never-before-seen images taken from inside the actual wreck, Exploring the Deep is a dazzling visual chronicle of Cameron’s expeditions that will delight experts and casual readers alike. Using special photographic techniques, coauthor and renowned Titanic artist Ken Marschall has worked with the underwater imagery collected at the wreck to ensure that it’s as clear and striking as possible, with stunning results. 

Along with the remarkable, previously unseen images, the book offers unique insight into James Cameron’s personal perspective on exploration and the immense curiosity that drives all his endeavors, both artistic and scientific. Also featuring Cameron’s exclusive dive journal, never-before-seen visual elements from the expeditions, including dive maps and Cameron’s personal photographs, Exploring the Deep is a unique presentation from one of the most exciting figures in both filmmaking and exploration.

Featuring contributions from three of the world’s foremost experts on the ship and its passengers, Don Lynch, Ken Marschall, and Parks Stephenson, Exploring the Deep is the last word on one of the most beguiling historical mysteries of all time.

September 16
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