Exposing the Illuminati's R.E.M Driven Human Cloning Subculture, Frequently Asked Questions, Volume 2

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Usually when a document such as this has been completed, which exposes the Illuminati, doubts raised by others who understand the gravity of the situation, but at the same time feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the situation follows a pattern such as: ‘I don't really know how to help the situation too much’; ‘But we don't really know what to do at this point’; ‘It's a big problem.’ You are not alone in this situation. Many people currently and actively helping to raise further awareness and expose the Illuminati to the point whereby the Illuminati’s REM driven human cloning subculture is FULLY exposed and worldly known have all felt despair with regards to the severity of this situation at one point or another. You are not alone.

Keeping the above in mind, the following quote is paraphrased from “Conversations with Nostradamus Volume 3” (Cannon 1994, chapter 19) and presented here to anyone who has recently found this information, and has felt feelings of despair or hopelessness, as well as, to anyone who has felt feelings of despair or hopelessness despite actively taking necessary actions to help expose the Illuminati, and further remind us all: no matter how terrible a situation we are faced with, if we want the situation to change, “change” starts with the individual human effort, and the reason for this is because:

It is extremely sad if we realise how terrible a situation is and we [as humanity] are not doing anything except feeling bad about the situation, the hopelessness that we feel about the situation is compounded [increased]. If we look at these things as too big for us to do anything about [such as looking at this information and thinking: ‘What can “I” as one individual do to help expose the Illuminati’s REM driven human cloning subculture? The problem is too big’] that means we have literally given up. Nothing is accomplished without individual human effort, which coalesces into group effort, and then action truly takes place. To give up is the worst thing that can happen to our world. It is essential while we are alive to do whatever we feel is a positive helpful step. To actually do it. Whatever it is!

With the above in mind, “Appendix A”, pages 179 to 199 – is provided in this document with suggestions of positive helpful steps individuals can take to further help expose the Illuminati’s REM driven human cloning subculture. Therefore, for the reader who needs guidance in terms of positive suggestions to help expose the Illuminati, you can skip to Appendix A: pages 179 to 199 of this document– and take the necessary actions required, according to the suggestions presented. Every little helps, and at the very least, you can sign the petitions (against human cloning) mentioned in this document, on page 178—and you can also sign these petitions “Anonymously”. Therefore, as the above suggests: Do whatever you feel is a positive helpful step in order to help with the divulgement and exposure of the Illuminati; whatever you feel is a positive and helpful step with regards to FULLY exposing the Illuminati’s REM driven human cloning subculture, DO IT! Do whatever is a positive helpful step, because nothing is ever accomplished without individual human effort, and after all, humanity’s fate depends on you!

March 11
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