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The Trilogy "Alenka's Tale" tells about a little, curious girl Alenushka, who escaped to the magical garden from her strict grandfather. Many wonderful creatures peacefully lived together there. Alenushka learned from them how to defeat all thorns and fulfill her dreams. There are some legends about different flowers, stubborn lambs, about the proud Rooster.  The short story are about the enchanted town Gelendzhik, and why the Sea was called Black, others.

The Book 1 - “Blackberries of Dolmen” is telling about the discovery of the ancient dolmen, the world of the great masters of the past. The frightening Dolmen allowed the hungry girl to have his blackberries and saved her life.  

The Book 2 is “Fairy Soul of the Garden”. Grandmother was the Kind Fairy. The wise cat Murka guarded the girl during the nightly wonders.  In the yard the selfish and proud King Rooster felt that he was the most important bird in the world. Grandma told that “the soul of a person should be like a beautiful flower.  Only a kind, pure soul can bewitch somebody.”   But over the time, without love, water and care of the Kind Fairy, the garden merged with the dry landscape and died. This is what happens to everybody and to everything without a good care and love.

The Book 3 "Meeting Wolfs" has many short, interesting stories about Alenushka adventures, about the magical Stove, about meeting with wolves in the old Russian village, about a trip to Moscow zoo, where Alenushka tried to feed and help to escape an elephant-prisoner, and many others.

In the Trilogy the covers of all books are similar. It makes easier to recognize and collect them. They have an entertaining and educational life stories, like the fairy tales. The pictures are very unusual and creative, like puzzles, and have many characters from the stories.

Young Adult
May 3
Elena Pankey
Ingram DV LLC

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