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Caroline Boykins is a 25 year old woman who has spent the last two years stuck in the grief of losing her husband. Her depression has taken over her life and made it difficult for her to do the most basic of task. She doesn't work and has neglected both her household duties and herself. With some encouragement from her sister Cynthia and a therapist she is slowing learning to put the pieces back together. Her first order of business is finding a job. Her first interview is with Ethan Gregory a local billionaire of a pharmaceutical company.

Ethan Gregory is not looking forward to hiring a new Secretary. He has found himself in this predicament because of a relationship with a former secretary that went bad. She has since been sending message after message to get his attention and it is starting to wear on him. Ethan regrets his lapse in professionalism from having had an intimate relationship with her. He now wants to cut all ties and will soon have to address her growing extremes in behavior. He meets Caroline and is immediately drawn to her. It isn't until she is in his office that he realizes just how strong her pull on him is.

Book 2 Description

As Caroline learns to navigate her grief she finds herself at a cross roads. She is very attracted to her new boss, but doesn't know if she is ready to date. Instead, she works hard and hopes to impress him that way. She hopes it will be enough to quench the desires that Ethan is causing her to feel. Things are getting steamy between them, and an unplanned date turns their plans to stay away from each other on its head. Still, there is danger lurking in their midst. Will it get to them, before they can get to each other?

Book 3 Description

Caroline and Ethan are on cloud nine after an amazing weekend together. Their love has blossomed into something amazing and Caroline is ready for the next phase. She is happy for the time she spends with Ethan and how he caters to her needs, but soon his past comes back to haunt them. In the wake of a romance gone wrong, Caroline and Ethan struggle to survive. Caroline refuses to go down without a fight and soon all their dreams come true.

August 11
Elianne Jameson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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