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One blizzard. Two opposites. A whole lot of time under the mistletoe.

Josh Carson has a secret. As a firefighter he’s comfortable being sent in to save forests and wildlife, but in his spare time he creates delicate hair ribbons that are anything but masculine. When he finds Simone snowed in on Nymph Island--and she’d rather freeze than be saved by Mr. Tough Guy--he realizes that the only way to win her over and get her to safety is to take a risk and reveal his true self.

Simone Pascal loves being independent and self-reliant--she's never needed a man to save her, and yet she keeps falling into Josh’s arms at every turn, wanting him to rescue her. The worst part? She likes it. A lot. Which is a big problem since she’s rearranged her entire life to take on a new project—a baby via a sperm donor. Her life plans most definitely do not include anything as unpredictable as falling in love with Mr. Macho Firefighter, but that seems to be exactly what she’s doing.

Will the two come to terms with their true selves in time to snag their happily ever after? Or will they be spending Christmas cold and alone? Find out! Start reading today!

December 6
Oram Productions
Oram Productions

Customer Reviews

Kristen Lewendon ,

Just might make Josh my new favorite book boyfriend

This story makes me feel all wishy-washy. I mean, I started out loving Simone in all of the books that have come before this, and even for the first little bit of this book I still loved her. Then when she and Josh were both on Nymph Island, she became someone I wanted nothing to do with. I thought she was mean, and bitter, and vindictive, and judgemental, and just plain horrible. I’m so glad she has such a powerful “a-hah!” moment in the end, because I was prepared to continue hating her beyond the story’s close. Josh, on the other hand, I loved from the word go. Here’s this strong, sexy, alpha man with a super sweet vulnerable side that’s he’s been protecting since his childhood. That first-responder nature combined with his ability to create beauty just might make Josh my new favorite book boyfriend. And Tigger’s letter to Santa is beyond perfect. What I love best about the narrator is her ability to capture Tigger.
I received a complimentary copy of the audio from the author.

Grammarsnob218 ,


There was very little to like about this book. Sorry. The story line itself could have been great but the female lead was...I don’t even know what to call her. I’ve never read a character I disliked more. She was a shrew, closed-minded, insulting and completely self-centered and inconsiderate of others. No problems making a scene, insulting people she calls friends, etc. I see where the author tried to redeem her at the end but that fell way short. For the last few pages it was like we were reading a totally different character but still didn’t make me like her at all. The biggest shame though is that she’s such a horrible person that I didn’t enjoy the male lead either because any guy who lets someone treat him the way this b*tch did is a pretty sad excuse for a person. Truly a shame because I think I would have liked him if he had a better love interest to play off of. So sorry, but I can’t recommend this book at all.

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