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A Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn style romance between a transsexual woman and a transgender man, both pilots, who play, fight and argue on their way to falling in love at a major air show.

Lourdes is a Hispanic American, long term transsexual, ashamed of who she is. Desperately needing to be as female as any other, her standards are high, too high to be achieved, so she lives in anguish, hating anything that would diminish her as she sees it.
Jim, a well-adjusted, well-liked transgender man whom Lourdes meets at the air show, has had issues in his own life and doesn’t need her to add to them. Where Lourdes initially blasts him hard, his gentle nature wins her over, and in the end, she succumbs to him. He becomes her savior. This is her growth process.

Falling in Love has one of the two most beautiful endings in my novels to date. While it sizzles at times, Falling in Love is represented in such a way that, I believe, if it were made into a film, could be shown on prime-time broadcast television. Lourdes and Jim are personally unwilling to use harsh language, and while they are eventually open with each other, one can sense they are modest in how they share their intimate moments. The emphasis is on romance, not sex. It’s on watching them fight through their issues to fall in love, not on anger or divisiveness.

Falling in Love is set in the world of flight. Cliquish terminology and phrasing are used, though explained, throughout. If you’re a pilot of light general aviation airplanes, you will feel at home in the novel. If you’re not a pilot, then you may fit right in with those who are by the time you’re done reading.

November 17
Aimee Norin
Smashwords, Inc.

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