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<p>Falling Pleasures is the first short story collection from erotica author Mackenzie Harnden. Included in this arousing collection are ten stories of fantasy and women&rsquo;s erotica, featuring six M/F pairings, three with multiple partners, and one lesbian tale. See just how fun super powers can be in &ldquo;Stretch&rdquo;, as our hero conquers one woman after another with his extra-long appendage; fall in love all over again with Matthew and Shelly, two amazingly compatible lovers that bring out the best in each other; and follow along on an epic adventure as an unlikely group meet and please each other during their travels.

Following a laboratory experiment gone wrong, Stretch is able to manipulate his body parts into various shapes and sizes. One night, he meets a beautiful and mysterious dark blonde woman who seems eager to be with him. He is pleasantly surprised, but he soon discovers there is more to her than he thinks.</p><p>Stretch Part 2: Motives
After his previous encounter, Stretch is left shaken and questions the mysterious dark blonde woman's motives. All he knows is that he can&rsquo;t stop thinking about her.

Falling Part 1
Matthew and Shelly met six weeks ago. They hit it off straight away and have been going on dates ever since. Tonight, Matthew planned to ask Shelly to be his girlfriend. He couldn&rsquo;t find the right way to tell her he loved her, so he decided to show her instead.

Falling Part 2: Rear View
Matthew and Shelly had clicked from the moment they met, and they brought out the best in one another. They were very sexually compatible. Matthew found that many women were scared to sleep with him. Shelly, on the other hand, gave him the opposite reaction.

Falling Part 3: Teasing
It had felt like an eternity to them both, but Shelly finally arrived back from her trip. They missed each other so much that they couldn&rsquo;t wait to get home. They decided to stop for the night, in a beautiful little boutique hotel, just outside of the city.&nbsp; It is a luxurious spot for the long awaited reunion.

The Prince Part 1
Elfin women flee from battle and into surrounding woodland and stumble across an unconscious Prince. They recognize him by his royal clothing and medallion. Since they do not have a man, they know what they should do. They can awaken the prince with more than just a kiss.

The Prince Part 2: The Werewolf
The Prince travels with elfin maids a steady pace, through the forest. He takes turns pleasuring them both. As they rest one night, the Prince realizes that a full lunar cycle has passed. They soon realizes that the night holds more of the prince&rsquo;s secrets than they could possibly have known.

The Prince Part 3: The Pixie
The Prince and the elves needed a rest and a relief, soon. As the Prince wandered off to the forest to get food, they lay down their luggage and began to undress. Unbeknown to them, they had acquired an unexpected companion, who crouched watching them.

The Prince Part 4: The Elf Man
As the journey continues, the Prince emerges from his successful hunting trip to the lovely sight of his two elfin friends and the Pixie enjoying a sexual adventure. A handsome male elf approaches, but he is equally interested in the fabulous sight in front of him.

The Prince Part 5: The Pole
The group makes a strange picture: the two elfin women lovers, the huge elf man, the human prince, and the pixie.&nbsp; Even stranger is the fact that they are all sexually compatible and eager to please each other. Will they be able to walk away from this pleasant adventure when they get the Prince safely home?


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April 20

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