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The aim of the book is to provide interested readers with access to a number of articles that have been written over the years on the subject of the linkages between domestic farm policies (particularly in developed countries) and world markets for agricultural goods. The scope of the book includes the measurement of protection and the estimation of transfers to agricultural producers, the effect of these policies on consumers and the consequent impact on international trade. A major theme is that the monitoring of the trade and transfer implications of farm policies is an essential first step to addressing the need for internationally agreed disciplines on their nature and extent. The topic of trade impacts of farm policies has become important in two different market situations. When agricultural commodity prices are depressed, attention turns to the activities of countries (particularly developed countries) that support the income of their own farmers but at the expense of farmers in other countries. When prices rise, as they have done in the last five years, the question is reversed: what is the impact of the farm and food policies that restrict exports to keep domestic prices low on food security in other countries? Thus, the narrative of the monitoring of farm policies by international organizations such as the OECD and the disciplining of such policies under the rules of the WTO is as relevant today as in the 1970s when the first efforts in this direction were made.Contents: About the Author Preface and Acknowledgements Introduction Monitoring the Trade Impacts of Developed Country Farm Policies: Agricultural Protection and Stabilization Policies: Analysis of Current Neomercantilist Practices Measuring Levels of Protection in Agriculture: A Survey of Approaches and Results (with Stefan Tangermann) Of Models and Measures: Some Thoughts on the Use and Abuse of Policy Indicators Domestic Policies and the Structure of International Markets: Government Price Policies and the Structure of International Agricultural Trade Domestic Agricultural Price Policies and Their Interaction through Trade Price, Stock, and Trade Policies and the Functioning of International Grain Markets Disciplining Domestic Policies through the GATT and WTO: The GATT: Its Historical Role and Importance to Agricultural Policy and Trade Reflections on the Exceptional Treatment of Agriculture in the WTO Competing Paradigms in the OECD and Their Impact on the WTO Agricultural Talks Trade Conflicts over Domestic Policies: Agricultural Trade Issues in Transatlantic Trade Relations Production and Export Subsidies in Agriculture: Lessons from GATT and WTO Disputes Involving the US and the EC (with Stefan Tangermann) Agricultural Trade Disputes in the WTO Monitoring the Compliance of Country Policies with WTO Disciplines: WTO Compliance and Domestic Farm Policy Change The Difficult Task of Disciplining Domestic Support (with David Orden and David Blandford) Transparency and Timeliness: The Monitoring of Agricultural Policies in the WTO using OECD Data (with Klaus Mittenzwei)Undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers, academics, and policymakers interested in trade in agricultural goods, domestic farm policies, measurement of protection and domestic support estimation.Key Features: Unique book on the topic that includes both the monitoring and the disciplining of farm policies Contains articles written over a number of years that will give the reader a better feel for the continuity of the issues and the development of responses by international agencies A good introduction to the topic by an author who is well-known and established in the field

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