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National Syndicalist author H. R. Morgan has put together an invaluable reference work for the student of Corporate Syndicalism, Fascism, and social activism. Within the pages of this volume will be found a collection of many documents that are difficult to locate as well as many new translations of texts formerly available only in the original languages.
Here is a collection of important and essential statements made by the original Fascists and Corporate Syndicalists as well as National Synarchists, Integralists, Peronistas, Falangists and many others. Much of the book has been translated from the original Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. Morgan's wealth of subjectively acquired familiarity with Fascist ideology has made him an ideal interpreter of the translated texts as well as an adequate expositor of the doctrines which have originally been published in the English language.
Some of the more valuable portions included are lengthy writings of such men as Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, Jose Antonio Urquiza, Juan Peron, Benjamin Noyles, Lawrence Dennis, Oswald Mosley, Ziotio Garibaldi, Plinio Salgado, Gustavo Barroso, and many others.
Also included are some hard to find and to translate manifestos from many countries. Some of these are from National Syndicalist Party-USA, American Fascist Movement, National Syndical American Falangist Party, National Synarchist Union of Mexico, National Integralist Movement of Brazil, Integralist Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Falangist Patriotic Movement of Uruguay, National Syndicalist Revolutionary Movement of Chile, The Futurist Manifesto, and others.
H. R. Morgan's commentaries and introductories throughout serve as an excellent guide through the many pages of intense and sometimes angry political thought. This is a book you will return to time and again. This is a book that belongs on your shelf.

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