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…She [Night] bore the Destinies and ruthless Fates, Goddesses who track down the sins of men and Gods, and never cease from awful rage Until they give the sinner punishment…
from…Hesiod’s Theogony, eight century B.C.

Preface – In Medias Res
Time seems to be in slow motion as I struggle to understand where I am, and then…feeling an excruciating pain, as if getting yanked down a drain face-first, I hear an incredible tearing sound, the kind you want ear plugs for, and then the pain, feeling my eye dislodge, as if it is getting torn from my face, which it is. Fully awake now, I scream, feeling blood spurting over my nose, into my other eye that is trying to focus, totally paralyzed from stopping any of this madness and saving myself.
“Eva!” “Why?” I scream. I want to be sick.

All I keep thinking of is that I will have to go back and finish my junior year in high school with a hole in my face! A perpetual Halloween creep like Blackbeard the Pirate! Some Italian Christmas trip this has turned out to be.

“Because, Rosella, with your eye, I will have two of the three powers of our ancestry.” “We are the Living Fates, you know – of Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, the Fates.” “Now, if I can track down our third ‘cousin’ Beatrice, I will be complete.”

Watching me struggle with little success, Eva comments more to herself than to me, “My mother, Luigina, has taught me the darker Craft well, assuring me that this binding spell would keep you paralyzed enough for me to extract a piece of your physical power – good.” “You know of course that you are a foolish, foolish girl.” “What made you think that I would embrace you and accept you as a cousin, of sorts?” “It has all been a ruse.”…

Signs! This Fall, protagonist, 15 year old Rosella Faulk meets her destiny in the form of her two Advisors, Bryce – a large, imposing, black raven, and Dionne – a lovely grey and brown mourning dove. They inform Rosella that her maternal family has been waiting centuries for the coming of her, the Living Fate Weaver.

Changes felt at 13, Rosella’s abilities have been revealing themselves to her as she physically and emotionally grows, maturing through interactions with her family, Advisors; becoming more powerful with each Inner Seeing experience that she has. Rosella’s full potential will be present by her 16th birthday on August 1st the following summer.

Personal honesty, re-discovering family relationships she always has taken for granted, and finding herself experiencing first love, all while fighting an unprovoked evil, Rosella Faulk learns that the dynamics of an extended family, love, loss, and legend definitely complicate her adolescent life.

Creating rich fabrics for characters to live in, traversing the landscapes of New England, Tuscany, and Ontario throughout this planned trilogy, I hope you enjoy Fate Weaver, Book One of The Living Fates Trilogy.

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Young Adult
February 19
Loretta A. Condino-Grupp
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