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Sometimes the most important things in life are the hardest to talk about. Whether it's the keys to the car or the keys to life, this book helps parents and teens talk about the tough issues that matter most:

• Honesty-the truth advantage
• Get high on life not drugs
• Choices-dating and sex
• Study to secure your future
• Making and keeping money
• Picking good friends
• Chores and doing your part
• Being the best you
• Choosing your attitude
• Valuing faith and patriotism

Learning the secrets of making life work doesn't have to be painful....or boring. Dr. Terry Paulson has written a reassuring and practical book that helps teens and parents talk and laugh together about life's most important lessons.

“Dr. Paulson hits the mark with his timely messages for teens. As a mother of a teenager, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can’t wait to give it to my daughter.” Jodi Walker

“Have this on your family vacation. When you have kids captive in the back seat with time to kill, read one of the lectures and have a great conversation before it really is a lecture you wish you had said.” Robert Tucker

“What an inspiration for teens. Being around middle school students all day, I wish I could get them all to read this book to help make their teen years easier.” Linda Gronski

Terry Paulson, a PhD psychologist and award-winning professional speaker, leverages his experience as a youth director and parent to inspire teens and parents alike. Visit www.terrypaulson.com.

This book has helped thousands of parents and teens learn a time-tested roadmap to adulthood. Anchored in values and filled with simple wisdom, let this prerequisite for “Life 101” show you the way, too!

October 13
Terry Paulson
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