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Rev-1C. The information presented here reflects the opinions of the author. Since 2014, the FBI has charged more than 80 people with supporting ISIS, an organization that was formed by the CIA, according to Wayne Madsen, former NSA and Navy Officer. This ebook provides details about another false FBI terror plot. In January 2015, Glenn Greenwald provided a news story about the continuing efforts of the Deep State agents within the FBI that are engaged in criminal activity for the benefit of the Deep State, including the Rockefeller and Rothschild families. The FBI in Houston has been targeting a young, naive man that has tried to convert to the muslim faith. He has an unusual beard. I do not personally know him, but I immediately recognized that something was odd about the events around him.

His first name is Matt. His last name is Alonzo. I encourage readers to visit the Catty Corner Ice House at 895 Wakefield, Houston, 77018, and bring a camera. Try to make a video. I was told that he works at the King's Biergarten, 2044 East TC Jester. One of the female bartenders at Catty Corner is an undercover agent, in my opinion - she has worked there about 6 months, which tells you how long the FBI has been working on this. There are several bar patrons that are also undercover FBI agents, in my opinion. They sit as close as possible to the bearded man and appear to be listening (and probably recording) everything that he says. In my opinion, his girlfriend is working with the FBI and will try to encourage, seduce, lie – whatever is necessary, to get him to do something the FBI can inflate into a fake terror plot. This is the pattern that the FBI has used in a number of cases. I find it repulsive, pathetic, and disgusting that government agents would reduce themselves to this kind of criminal behavior. It shows just how desperate the Deep State has become to accomplish their agenda. His supposed girlfriend is trying to get him to do one of several things, in my opinion: (1) Send money to ISIS or other terrorist organizations, (2) Buy or construct materials that might be construed as making a bomb, (3) Buy or send weapons for the secret purpose of “jihad”. (4) Make verbal statements that can later be used against him in court. In short, it is a set up and entrapment. Note there is an FBI office at 2500 East TC Jester. These pathetic FBI criminals are too lazy to go very far, when conducting their dirty business.

There are many cases where the FBI has foiled their own terror plots, through lies and entrapment. Readers are encouraged to submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request to the FBI. The keywords involving “Catty Corner” and “King's Biergarten” or the addresses would be good search terms, in the request.

“The CIA and FBI are behind most, if not all terrorism." - Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief

“The CIA formed ISIS.” - Wayne Madsen, NSA and Navy Intelligence Officer

“The CIA is funding ISIS through secret Swiss bank accounts.” - Dr Scott Bennett, Army Intelligence Officer.

August 26
Richard Lighthouse
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