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Publisher Description

A creature from an alien land crosses a presumably impenetrable boundary and enters the land of Fenmarsh - a humid place overspread with bogs and mires and filled with diverse and wonderful beasts. This creature has a plan. It intends to steal an artefact; a talisman that it has hunted down and yearns to possess. But, to achieve its goal, it needs some assistance. The creature is in luck! … Close at hand are some rather unsavoury neighbours most willing, at a price, to do its bidding. So, a plan is set and so too is the next great fight for survival in Evolution.

Now, the dominant denizens of Fenmarsh thus far, known as marsh'ns, must contend with this newcomer and its 'hired-help'. However, they don't seem to be up to the task! … Until now, their favourable position in the food chain has been a little artificial; it has been manipulated by a mysterious old marsh'n by the name of Magnus Meantime. This 'old one' has been coming up with subtle tricks to keep the marsh'n race one step ahead of the next snap-mouthed predator in the swamp. This may not be enough this time. It is a good job that he has a plan as well.

This plan involves Chek, a particularly gifted young marsh'n, who has been trying to find his place in the big wide mire. He is drawn into a not-so-chance meeting with the 'old one' and soon realises that not everything in the swamp is as it appears – for a start, there is a very fine line between skill and trickery! … Magnus reveals a part of his plan to the young wanderer through a series of liaisons and the pair, along with some rather oddball characters, set out to save not only a way of life, but an entire species.

Young Adult
September 9
Christian Lain
Draft2Digital, LLC