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Ferret is the smallest of his litter, and he is determined to have adventures no matter how small he is. He loves to learn new big words to increase his vocabulary because he thinks every brave explorer should be smart. Ferret stumbles on his very first adventure when he learns to get out of his cage at night to explore the pet shop. He accidently falls asleep while out exploring and ends up back in his cage with no idea of how, or what put him back.. While trying to find his rescuer and solve his first adventure mystery, he meets new characters each one teaching him something new. The clock is ticking though, every day that passes could be the day he gets adopted. Will he be able to solve his first adventure and find his mystery rescuer before it’s too late?

Author Lorie was born and raised in Hobart Indiana. She currently lives with her family in Griffith Indiana. She went to school at Brown Mackie College where she obtained her Associates degree in Nursing. She is currently enrolled in school at Ivy Tech Community College and Purdue University where she is furthering her degree in nursing. She is a Christian and has been with her husband for twelve years, they have two beautiful daughters one in which they had together. When we asked Lorie what made her want to become an author and write children's books this is what she said “I wanted to honor the memories of my ferret’s lives, through funny loveable characters, that will teach children values, morals, and vocabulary. Ferret is a character they can grow with and learn from. You can’t help but love him, and every child deserves to love something that is good."

Keywords: Ferrets, Adventure, Mystery, Vocabulary, Animal Facts And Characteristics, Humorous, Good Morals, And Values. Overcoming Obstacles.

Young Adult
December 1
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