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Welcome to the Northern Kingdom, where violence and political backstabbing are almost as rampant as the naked slavegirls suffering under lash and chain. Sir Bruno Cromwell, fanatical Templar dedicated to the Allfather, discovers that there is a conspiracy against his sworn liege, King Drakken. Bruno and his Squire head out for adventure, along with their personal slave girl Lily (one needs Dragon bait as much as a warm hole to sheathe one's sword.) They encounter Aven, a Faerie woman shapeshifted to appear human, who has her own stable of slave girls. When a court assassin and Bruno's ex fiancee get involved, there's only one thing for certain; There will be bloody sword fights, black magic, dragon battles, and lots and lots and lots of sex, bondage, submission, and other fleshly delights. Kingdom of Pain will thrill fans of fantasy and erotica with a generous dash of bdsm sensibilities. And the story has just begun!

Bruno marched up to the slave and glared intently at her. She shivered despite the heat, and seemed to shrink into herself. He put his hand against her sweaty, dirt streaked flank and kneaded her flesh.

“Not bad, Hector,” he muttered to himself. “Has some meat on her bones. So many of the pale skinned women are just too skinny.”

The girl choked on her own spittle when he shoved a finger up her pussy. Bruno grinned, then used his knife to cut the wooden peg out of her mouth.

“What is your name, girl?” he said.

“Sharon DeMott, my lord,” she mumbled, not daring to meet Bruno's eyes.

“DeMott?” Bruno chuckled. “I had heard that your house had fallen on hard times, my lady, but to be reduced to slavery?”

Sharon licked her parched lips and shifted under his gaze.

“My father...sold me to a slaver,” she said miserably “to pay our debts.”

“I see,” said Bruno, taking her roughly by the chin. “Look at me.”

Shyly, she raised her deep blue eyes to meet his dark orbs. She trembled with fear as he lightly stroked her cheek.

“So beautiful,” he said softly “tell me, have you ever known the touch of man?”

Sharon closed her eyes, shook like a leaf, and nodded slightly.

“So you were impure and dishonored your father?”

“NO!” Sharon gasped and lowered her head. “I mean, no master, I did not. The...slaver my father sold me to...he took my maidenhood.”

“Just as well,” said Bruno “all that bleeding and crying gets old. Women do enough of that as it is at least once a month. I assume your masters trained you how to please a man?

Sharon shook her head.

“What?” Bruno glared at the hut's door. “My foolish squire. I don't have time to properly train you.”

The village Elder sat on a stool and lit his pipe as Bruno dragged the girl off her feet. Forcing her to kneel before him, the ebon Templar fumbled with his codpiece until his erect member sprang free. Sharon gasped, for his manhood was over a foot long and almost half that thick.

“This is a cock,” he said as if he were explaining it to a child. Jabbing his finger at the dark head, he continued. “This is the tip, this is the shaft, and this is my coin purse. First I want you to take the tip in your mouth—but just the tip.”

“Master?” Sharon looked revolted. “Do you not... piss with that?”

“Among other things,” laughed Bruno. “Must I get a whip! I can see that my squire has already had to discipline you. It would not trouble me to add a few more scars to your backside.”

Fearfully, Sharon opened her mouth, stretching her lips wide until she hovered near the tip of his cock. She glanced up at him, her eyes pleading.

“Put it in your mouth.” Bruno's eyes flashed in the darkened hut. “NOW.”

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April 27
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