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Our culture is generated by machines.

It’s ten years after Android Writer PD121928 from An Android Awakes was fed into a sink grinder by its replacement PD121929.

   The human prostitute Sapphira, believing PD121929 to be PD121928 for all that time has tried and failed to save PD121929 from being destroyed for selling fewer than a hundred copies of its novel.

   Sapphira herself has written the bestselling novel Humans (An Arrangement of Minor Defects) based on the stories PD121928 told her on the night they first met.

   It has been marketed by Altostratus as the first work of fiction by a human for over a hundred years. 

   Unhappy, a handful of zealot androids massacre the senate and a new regime is formed fuelled with a passion to eradicate the evil of fiction from android society.

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Writer: Mike French

Art: Mike French

Cover Art: Tony Allcock

An Android Awakes Logo Design: Craig Nash

Praise for An Android Awakes:

“One of the coolest and most fascinating reads out there” – Starburst Magazine

“Intriguing, surreal and evocative” – Geeky Monkey Magazine

“A Blade Runner-esque future – different from anything else” – Sci-Fi Bulletin

“The questions of what makes us truly human and what life means isn’t anything new within the genre, but the presentation of those timeless questions here is exemplary and fresh” – AMO Magazine

“One of the most pleasant surprises of the year” – Upcoming4Me

“A thoughtful creation which will inspire thought in its readership” – SFBook Reviews

“Smart, challenging and well worth any jaded fantasist’s rapt attention” – Now Read This!

“Real depth and resonance: A ramified, knotted artefact, existing beyond the normal two dimensions of the page” – Blue Book Balloon

“Wizardry of character building – 2000AD meets LOBO” – Base5 Magazine

“Great imagination, telling wonderful tales” – Geek Native

“Entertaining, sexy, terrifying, and beautiful” – The Compulsive Reader

“Each story is extraordinary” – Geek Syndicate

“Had me totally hooked” – SF Crowsnest

“A cult feel” – Comics Anonymous

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 2
Elsewhen Press
Alnpete Limited

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