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This isn’t a book that’s exclusive to only Christians but for all teens because being a teen is so hard. You’re between being a kid and being a grown-up and it’s hard to find your footing in such a place. But being a Christian teen makes it even harder. We live in a world where being cool and rich is the goal in life and being different makes you a walking target. It’s easy enough to feel alone when you’re just a regular teenager. Multiply that feeling times ten when you add on being a Christian. Your school is filled with people who don’t understand why you don’t drink or smoke or swear or say “Oh my god” or even watch the hit movie. They can’t see why you spend Sundays at church when you could be spending it with them. Sometimes, it can feel isolating and you can start to feel as if you are the only person who has and ever will go through what you’re going through. Even though it’s such a cliche, you know for a fact you’re not. You’re not alone in this struggle between the world and yourself.

But doesn’t it just make the world look at little brighter when you hear for yourself that someone who actually has gone through the struggle is real phase?

Naomi did her freshman year at Adrian High School. Her struggle was real in this moment, and at this stage, she had four main points in her life: her faith walk, her family problems, her hurting soul, and her need to write it all out of her.

Hopefully, reading her story does make your world a little brighter.

Young Adult
June 4
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Christian Faith Publishing