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Fight Breast Cancer with Exercise is one of the first evdence-based, patient-centered exercise resources designed specifically for breast cancer survivors. After a combined 20 years of research compiled from hundreds of studies, we now have compelling, convincing evidence that being active during and after breast cancer treatment is one of the best things to do for physical and mental health, and cancer recovery. The benefits are seen in women who are receiving chemotherapy and in women who have completed their treatments. And the most recent evidence suggests that survivors who exercise live longer and healthier lives with a reduced risk of their cancer returning. Our goal in writing this resource was to develop a resource to help women facing breast cancer treatments, as well as those who have completed treatments to be as physically active as possible. The evidence consistently shows that exercise as simple as brisk walking is associated with a variety of positive health outcomes. And that is the focus of this book…walking. It’s cheap, easy to do, and can be done by everyone.

The principles and interactive tasks in this resource have been scientifically tested in rigorously designed research studies, with results published in several scholarly journals including the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Health Education and Behavior, and Annals of Behavioral Medicine. This easy-to-read and interactive title shows what you can do to live a more cancer-free life easily.

Dr. Jeff Vallance is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University. Dr. Kerry Courneya is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity and Cancer at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Collectively, they have published over 400 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the area of exercise and cancer.

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January 20
Jeff Vallance, PhD
Jeffrey Vallance