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He needs a fake wife for two weddings, a week-long family vacation, and his high school reunion. A three-month, summer-long contract with a sub who is willing to do anything for her Dom should do the trick…

22-year-old virgin, Asia Jones, should be graduating from Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey as a Statistical Analyst, but she's failed a couple of classes, ending her scholarships, and making her go out of her comfort zone to get enough money to finish her last year of school.

Jett Simons, is the heir to the 'Cinnamon Buns' global sweet shop. He's young, 26-years-old, and arrogant. He's also a three-year member of 'The Dungeon of Decorum' and he's looking to buy a woman at auction who looks like she needs a strong hand to mold her into the woman she could be. As an added bonus, the lucky chic gets to pretend she's his wife for a few social functions he has throughout the summer.

Using the club's website to browse for a suitable sub, Jett finds the profile of Asia. Not only is she gorgeous, but she's a college student, meaning she must be smart, and the cherry on top is she still has her cherry. He's found himself a good girl to take to occasions he has lined up. Pretty, smart, and virtuous means he's got it made in the shade with this choice.

Or does it?

Jett's main mistake is taking Asia on as his sub before he tells her about the fake marriage. She's not accustomed to lying. When he shows her the list of rules he made out and she accepted, number seven is, she must do as he says at all times, that includes being whoever he asks her to be. A rule she didn't look at close enough. She's stuck, but she's not happy about that part of the contract.

Their time as Dom and sub in his Portland mansion teaches her things about her body she finds amazing. Their time as husband and wife teach them both more about what it means to make marital sacrifices.

Will the fake marriage be a thing that brings them closer or will it break their bond at the end of summer and when their contract is up?

December 17
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