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Learn to love your numbers. No more flying blindly.

Are you full-on nomadic, travelling the world, season-to-season using your Transformation Craft to transform people's lives wherever you're called to? Or, are you happily anchored within a community and enjoy the feeling of creating a more sustained and consistent local connection?

Whether your Transformation Craft is directly related to transforming people's lives through mind, body, spirit modalities, or more directly through your art, music, or writing this fundamental and foundational Transformation course is created specifically for you.

Do you have a vision to create a more experiential transformational product or service offering that can only happen remotely, somewhere more secluded, away from the city, more immersed in nature?

Naturally, the more extensive your transformational offering is the more financial considerations there are at a detail level as well as for your lifestyle business as a whole.

This standalone 10-day course covers the following:

✓ Creating a sustainable business to liberate your lifestyle.

✓ Reducing money anxiety and overcoming financial resistance.

✓ How much time to work 'in' and 'on' your holistic business.

✓ Planning for a profitable offering, business, life, and future.

✓ Knowing why, what for, when, and how much to pay yourself.

✓ Profitable session, class, retreat, training, and workshop pricing.

✓ How much to spend on marketing and advertising.

This 10-day or at your own pace course provides both a high-level overview and a detailed breakdown of how to manage your personal and business finances so that you can price your transformational products and services sustainably and profitably. 

A transformational financial blindspot-revealing journey.

The first lesson explains how one small change can quickly lead you to attract more customers and clients. From there you'll take a work-life-changing financial blindspot-revealing journey through a personal and business transformation.

This holistic business rite of passage has been walked countless times before by many new and established Transformerpreneurs, just like you, as they struggled with and overcame their own lifestyle business money management, market positioning, and small business pricing integration issues.

If you run, or want to provide private sessions, workshops, courses, retreats, and teacher trainings related to your Transformation Craft this course gives you, a Transformerprenur working hard to create your ideal Lifestyle Transformation Business, the necessary strategic and tactical guidance on how to manage your personal money and business finances efficiently and effectively.

Spend a few hours with this course and you'll have more clarity, worry less, and live more freely.

Includes an easy-to-use online Holistic Business Pricing Tool and an option to sign-up for the interactive email version of the 'Finance Made Easy' course.

This course is for Transformerpreneurs practicing these, and more, transformation modalities:

Acupuncture, Art, Astrology, Bodywork, Breathwork, Coaching, Dance, Hypnosis, Meditation, Music, NLP, Poetry, Reiki, Spirituality, Tarot, TRE, Wellpreneur, Writing, Yoga Business.

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May 20
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