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Broadway superstar Samantha Nilsson needs a break from the limelight. Well, in all honesty, the break away from the lights of New York was made at the request from her director. She "might" have lost a touch of her professionalism during a performance when she found out her co-star and fiancé had cheated on her…several times…with various actresses and even her agent.

That love song at the end of her last performance raised a few eyebrows when she tried to shove him off the stage as she hit the high note.

Getting away as far away as possible from the drama and gossip of showbiz led her down south, to the small town in Georgia where her mom grew up. No backstabbing agents. No slick-talking men. Nothing but honest work at the local diner and time to heal.

But her peaceful refuge shatters when Trevor Johnson arrives in town. The man is tall, sexy, and she needs to keep ten feet away from him at all times. Because aside from his magnetic personality, he seems like a genuinely nice guy who would do anything to help his sister, Addie, with her upcoming wedding. Nice guy or not, he's still an agent and, well, a man, and those two things she's sworn off.

Avoiding him is a success, until Addie asks Samantha for two massive favors.

First- sing at her wedding.

Second- pretend to be Trevor's girlfriend.

Sounds easy...right?

Finding Her Leading Man is the sixth book in the A Southern Kind of Love series from Palmer Jones.

A Southern Kind of Love Series:

1. Hiding from the Sheriff

2. Falling for Her Client

3. Dreaming of Her Movie Star

4. Engaging with Her Enemy

5. Kissing Her Rescuer 

6.  Finding Her Leading Man 

O'Keeley's Irish Pub Series:

1. Her Irish Boss

2. Her Irish Chef

3. Her Irish Flirt 

March 27
Palmer Jones
Draft2Digital, LLC

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