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This book contains a beginner’s overview of the diet, especially about its rules and principles. It also discusses the recommended foods that you should include in your diet as well as foods that you need to avoid. Finally, this book provides a review and analysis of the pros and cons of this diet. This book is meant to be a supplemental guide and if you like the overview of what this diet plan, entails, you can purchase and read the original work by Dr. Lewis.

More importantly, this book contains the steps needed to succeed with the Five-Bite Diet. The steps are tailored for beginners like you so that you can easily follow them. They are laid out clearly and are written in detail so that you do not have to dig for more information after you have read this book.

Before you decide to jumpstart the diet, you need to set your goals. However, you cannot efficiently do so if you do not know your current weight and goal weight. That is why I have included a section in this book about understanding your normal weight, current weight and goal weight. It will guide you on how to personalize the program to suit your situation and your needs.

Another important section of this book is about meal planning. It will help you come up with your very own meal plan where you can take advantage of your creativity to customize each meal and make it more enjoyable.

A section dedicated to providing an objective review of the diet is also included in this book. The review takes note of the pros and cons of the Five-Bite Diet and provides insights moving forward.

Finally, I have also included some success stories of people who had tried the Five-Bite diet that will keep you inspired and motivated. I have also some important tips to help you focus and stay on track.

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March 28
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