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The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

How do you communicate your love to your wife or husband?  It’s a simple concept, but one many people struggle with, not because they don’t love, but because you may not be communicating your love in a language they understand.  In this summary of The Five Love Languages, you will learn how to identify, understand and speak your spouses primary love language.

Most people tend to show others love using their own love language instead of the love language of their spouse. If couples are willing to identify the love language that speaks to their spouse, they can then work to express their love and commitment in a way that their spouse will understand.

This summary of The Five Love Languages will help you strengthen your relationship with your spouse while guiding or putting your marriage on the right path.

What you will learn in this Summary of The Five Love Languages

In this summary, you will learn:

— How to keep your spouse’s “love tank” full.

— What are the five love languages

— How to identify the primary love language you and your spouse communicate in

— How you can take an online survey to discover your primary love languages

— What to do when your feelings of affection fade

— Why you have to be aware of how primary love language and how that will help you better communicate to your spouse

— How to Love the Unlovely

— How application of the five love languages can help you to restore your marriage or relationship

— How you can adapt your new understanding of the five love languages to your relationship with your children

Have the Marriage you Want

In The Five Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman, who is Senior Associate Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, shares his years of research and experience of helping couples to strengthen and rebuild their marriages by learning how to communicate in their spouses style.  The Five Love Languages book has sold over 5 million copies and has been translated into over 36 languages.

Who is the Summary For?

We have written this book with you in mind. Like you, we are busy professionals who believe in lifelong, continuous learning. If you have been trying to find the time to read The Five Love Languages or in you are looking for a refresher, this is the book you need to pick up.

In writing this summary for Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages, we read and worked through the book in a way that is very similar to the way you would study a textbook, we took detailed notes, made key annotations throughout the book and in this executive summary we bring the important details to the table so you have the information you need in order to put your new found knowledge to work.

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January 25
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Customer Reviews

Daniel Cen ,

The Five Love Languages.

Very enlightning book. Thought me which love language I am and showed me different poeples love language (around me) and the girl I was interested in being with at the time.
Strongly recomend for couples and youths alike.

RubyPhoenix13 ,

I can't believe I paid $3 for this

Buy the original book. If you don't understand the theory you will not benefit from the practice. This "summary" over simplifies and does not do it justice.

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