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Flood Rising is Book 4 of The Water Keepers series.

Sadie is excited to start her new life on Ambrosia training to become a Water Keeper, and it’s even more thrilling to finally be in a semi-normal relationship with the love of her life, Rayne. But the Council has made great exceptions to the laws in order to let Sadie enroll at the Academy, and the Council doesn’t give out favors freely. They expect something in return. Not only is she exhausted allowing Orion and the Council to study her abilities, but Sadie feels a sick feeling deep inside that Orion is up to no good. To make matters worse, images of Voss continue to haunt her dreams, and somehow, Sadie knows that she’s the only one who can find him back on Earth and stop his evildoings once and for all.

Young Adult
April 6
Christie Anderson
Christie Anderson

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ci.el.o ,

Can't wait to preorder book 5

I found myself holding my breath often and my heart rate up while reading book 4. All the wait was worth it. More action than I expected, new endearing relationships and developing the existing ones, still managing to keep it clean. It just keep on getting better. While my romantic side wishes to have read more of Rayne and Sadie's interactions, I was very glad there was so much more of the plot and the other characters, where even the bad guys get a voice. Well done! Keep on writing!. Cant wait for the next 4 books to come.

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