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In all of your gorgeous shades and hues, black girls, this book is for you!

Stereotypes and images tell us how to dress and think, but what truly defines you? Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt that your weight, hair, or skin tone were inadequate and didn’t measure up to others?

Navigating through self-acceptance can be difficult—not to mention dealing with relationships and family dynamics. But through this book, you will discover that you are not alone. For Black Girls is about coming of age and taking control of your life and making choices that will set you on the path to self-discovery.

For Black Girls will help you do the following:

—Discover the difference between your identity and stereotypes

—Develop life and career goals

—Appreciate your unique beauty and worth

—Use concrete tools to break destructive habits in relationships

—Make meaningful relationship goals

—Find strategies for time management

—Learn to be healthy and accept your body

—Identify what your spending habits say about you and how to change them

It includes questions for individual/group reflection and discussions.

As you take charge of your life, watch as you emerge and flourish into the beautiful young woman you were meant to be!

Young Adult
November 22
WestBow Press

Customer Reviews

Canada in Aussi ,

Insightful and honest

For Black Girls is an insightful honest guild book for young woman. Nana Abraham uses personal stories and experiences to address the many heavy issues facing young woman today. This is a great book for those entering into their formative years and for those who have young women in their lives. Read it together guaranteed you will walk away living a more enriched life.

JoyMcKoy ,

For Black Girls

This book is for women of colour---a celebration of perseverance and strength! The author uses personal stories to bring her points to life! This narrative is deeply relatable!