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Plagued by her husband's constant traveling for business, Donna begins to feel like he doesn't care anymore. Lured into an office affair she wasn't expecting, she tearfully admits to 'fooling around' with one of her coworkers.

Dave, desperate to salvage their marriage, tries to rekindle their love life in any way they can think of. Finally, they hear about the "Club," a place to add some sexual zing back in to their lives. Their explorations lead to an invite to another couples home where they experience their first night of swinging sex! Later, invited to a party by them, Donna finds herself the belle of the ball. Man after man has his way with her all night long! Will Dave still be able to accept his wayward wife after she has sampled every man at the party? Or, will he find somebody new himself?

Here's a sample of what's waiting for you:

...the last ones at the table, we were seated on the end. I was on the outside and Donna was sandwiched between myself and another man seated on the faux leather banquette. We exchanged greetings with the others and sipped on our cocktails as we watched the dancers gyrating on the dance floor. We were on our second cocktail when Donna leaned over and whispered in my ear that there was a hand on her knee! I was a little taken aback but since we were here seeking new experiences I asked, “You OK with that?”

There was a moment of hesitation and then, “Mmmm Hmmm, I think so”, came her quietly shy reply. “It makes me feel sexy. It’s kind of hot in a way, don’t you think?”

After a while she snuggled into me and whispered that the anonymous hand had crept up a little higher on her leg. Shortly followed by a comment that it was now getting quite high on her thigh. “Just how high are we talking here?” I asked. “Well… He knows that I’m not wearing pantyhose,” she giggled. It seemed like hours later, but in truth only a few minutes or so when I felt her leg push tightly against mine. Donna must have parted her legs slightly for easier access! Then, with a gasp in my ear, a shaky “No panties!”

Fiction & Literature
March 31
Richard Carlisle
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