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At the end of the 21st century, a catastrophic accident in the asteroid belt has left two surveyors dead. There is no trace of their young son, Alex Manez, or of the asteroid itself.

On the outer edge of the solar system, the first manned mission to Pluto, led by the youngest female astronaut in NASA history, has made an historic discovery: there is a marker left there by an alien race for humankind to find. We are not alone!

While studying the alien marker, it begins to react and, four hours later, the missing asteroid appears in a Plutonian orbit, along with young Alex Manez, who has developed some alarming side-effects from his exposure to the kinetic element they call Kinemet. 

From the depths of a criminal empire based on Luna, an expatriate seizes the opportunity to wrest control of outer space, and takes swift action.

The secret to faster-than-light speed is up for grabs, and the race for interstellar space begins! 

- The Interstellar Age -

Book 1 - Forbidden The Stars

Book 2 - Music of the Spheres

Book 3 - Worlds Away

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 1
Mummer Media
Mummer Media

Customer Reviews

Luke Sleepwalker ,

Very enjoyable and entertaining

This trilogy is a great read. Well written and imaginative. I'm starting to sample others from this author far so good.

Sdyates ,

It pulls you in right away

I have read all three books int he trilogy. This is the best one. It sets everything up. All the characters are new, the story is new and I am trying to figure out what is going to happen next. I find myself skipping pages in many book when it seems there are too many side story. Not here. Not in book one. This is a hard one to put down. When I am having to make dinner for my little one, I loa it up on my Mac and have it read it so I don’t miss anything. Give this book a try. Its terrific. Book too is a lot slower and book three speeds things up again. Cant believe iBooks is offering this one for free right now!

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