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"The air in the den smelled of smoke and wolves, and also the musky scent of sex. The memories of the g******g that had occurred there just the day before flooded my mind. What would this new day hold? Apparently, just Shadow, for now. The den was empty of the beta wolves, and their alpha couple (the only members of the pack I hadn’t gotten f****d by). As I stood there by the fire, shivering and shaking from cold and shock, Shadow transformed once more. As if in a dream, I watched his silky black fur ripple and slide away into smooth dark skin. The firelight revealed his broad shoulders, tight dark nipples and the trail of black hair leading down from his navel to his crotch."

Forced to Choose...
Amy's wolf research trip had been a disaster. After discovering the dark secret of her pack, Amy was hunted and trapped in their den, and forced to fuck the werewolves to survive (in F****d by the Pack). After finally escaping, Amy wants nothing more than to leave it all behind her.

Unfortunately, a blizzard destroys her tent and leaves her searching for shelter in the only place she can: the wolves' den. One by one the wolves test her willingness to survive in three scorching hot encounters. As the long night ends, Amy is forced to choose between the males of the pack: the dominating alpha wolf, the brutal sadist, or the tender lover. When she makes the only choice she can, she has to live with the shocking consequences!

Warning: This 6,000-word erotic short story includes violent sex, anal sex, light BDSM and the decision of a lifetime!

Fiction & Literature
January 28
Lacy Dae
Smashwords, Inc.

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