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Welcome Home to the Emerald Isle!

The authors of Four Green Fields have gone above and beyond on their promise to bring us "wild Irish banter and craic." They have literally thrown open the doors of their collective closets and introduced us to the family skeletons, put flesh back on their bones and made them dance! Not only do we get a glimpse into the wacky world of their Irish upbringing, but we are introduced to fathers, grandfathers and uncles - utterly devoid of any sense of political correctness - who at times went about their daily lives oblivious to the havoc they wreaked around them, but at other times knew full well the embarrassment they were causing their families.


"There are perhaps hundreds of thousands of books inspired by the emerald isle and I’ve certainly read my share. Stories from ’the old country’ that warm the heart, spark the imagination and reaffirm the human spirit. And although fantastic reads, many have left me feeling as if I'd just read a grand and glorious obituary.

Not with Four Green Fields. It’s less a ticket back to a world long gone by than a reminder that such magic is still very much alive right here and now.

Four Green Fields is not an epitaph but an invitation to seed your own patch and to watch it grow."

Colin Cunningham
American Television and Film Actor, Writer, Director
Falling Skies (John Pope), Stargate SG-1 (Major Paul Davis)


“Greg McVicker, J.P. Sexton and Mark Rickerby have created bridges between the old world and the new. The use of lyrical language in phrases and stylistic devices helps direct their readers through the adventures of the heroes and heroines, blending together in seamless tales of humor and sadness - the cornerstones of Irish storytelling.

The reflective poetic anthems and prose hold deeper messages about love, loss, war and self-acceptance."

Stacie Y. Guerin
Chairperson of Children’s and Culture
Maryland Irish Charities


“The stories and poems in Four Green Fields are told with a rare honesty tinged by wit and melancholy. Those who leave Ireland carry bits of the country with them wherever they go. The authors of Four Green Fields have more bits than most.”

Frank Vizard
Journalist and Author of “Why a Curveball Curves”
and “The 21ST Century Soldier” (co-author).


“The read is an exhilarating seesaw of emotions that straddles both sides of the Atlantic covering immigration, family survival in a war zone and a playful indulgence in Irish culture lessons on perseverance. The ‘voices’ induce a knack for storytelling to a cooperative experience. The universal theme of cultural nourishment is central to the remembered stories and circumstances of growing up with the otherness of one’s inherited bloodline.

There is a sagacity of self-analysis that becomes apparent with a reflective nod to the fourth voice as a muse. Apparently, all three voices echo individual tales, but the reflection morphs into a conventional attitude and universal sameness that becomes an important gift of friendship.

My experience in reading this was the acknowledgement of what was learned and what should never be forgotten. The collaboration brewed up a special blend of memoir that resonates in my mind and will continue to give me laughter and some tears, even as I write here.”

Barbara H. O’Daly
Entertainment Properties Holding, Ltd.;
The Television Distribution Company;
C.E.O. and co-creator of "An Evening At The Improv"
Creative Writer M.F.A. Florida Atlantic University.


“With prose and poetry, the authors lead us on a nostalgic and sometimes irreverent journey through their lives and those of their families.

“Four Green Fields” is an amazing collection of memories both touching and humorous, giving the reader a rare and fascinating glimpse into the lives and times of these Irish authors and their families. Highly recommended.”

Frances Powell
Author of “A Ballysea Mystery” series.
“Lady of the Wye” and “The Bodyguard”.

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July 10
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