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Popular erotica writer Lucia Jordan is proud to release this HUGE COLLECTION containing four of her bestselling series. 

This collection contains:

Bound Series:

Book 1: Bounds of Passion

Book 2: Bound Together

Book 3: Bound To Fall

Book 4: Bound Forever

Lydia has always felt she can out-stay her lovers, so when she turns to the world of BDSM and meets the mysterious and rich Jack riding, her world is turned completely upside down. Will their relationship survive the darker side of their fantasies, as Lydia struggles to find an emotional balance between a new level of desire and love for Jack.

Sexed Up, Tied Down Series:

Book 1: Rescued By The Billionaire

Book 2: Hailey Learns To Submit

Book 3: Hailey Is Taken By The Brothers

Book 4: Hailey’s Ménage a Trois

Follow Hailey as she transforms from a struggling writer, just trying to make ends meet and to recover from a bad breakup, into a vixen in the midst of a remarkable relationship with the brilliant Billionaire Ethan Wolf and his younger brother R.J. Can dreams really come true, or is her newfound happiness destined to end?

Spectacular Stranger Series:

Book 1: Spectacular Stranger I

Book 2: Spectacular Stranger II

Book 3: Spectacular Stranger III

Book 4: Spectacular Stranger IV

Still reeling from her cancelled wedding day, Kelly goes out in search of a casual encounter. What she finds is Scott – an unassuming man who agrees to give her what she needs, but what she gets is a night to remember on an epic scale and what will this one encounter finally lead to?

The Proposition Series:

Book 1: The Proposition

Book 2: Illicit Proposition

Book 3: No-Strings Proposition

Book 4: Eternal Proposition

Megan has indulged in some pretty wild fantasies involving her rich handsome boss, Heath Mayer. But she soon finds out that reality is even more of a tantalizing thrill…

They meet again and he makes her a proposition that is both tempting and full of dangerous promise. But before she is to succumb, she is given a taste of what is expected of her if s

he is to share his bed. 

The scene unfolds and more than ever she understands how careful you must be of what you wish for…

Be warned that this COLLECTION includes very explicit descriptions of erotic activity. It contains Romance, BDSM, rough sex, submissive, bondage, MFM threesome, anal, Alpha Male's and modern, contemporary women. Only mature readers should download this book.

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July 22
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