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Lucia Jordan is proud to release a new outstanding collection; Four Series Collection Volume 9 containing four of her Bestselling Series. 

Raw Desire:

Two weeks after breaking up with her fiancé, Ava Parker walks down the aisle in church as a bridesmaid. The pitiful glances she receives along the way make her grit her teeth, because apparently, she is expected to be morose and miserable that her cheating fiancé is finally out of her life. However, one pair of eyes stares at her differently, in a way like never before and these eyes are situated right at the end of the aisle, next to the groom. It is not pitiful, not sympathetic, and the green orbs glitter with interest as they rove over her boldly. It’s a gaze unlike any she’s met before. Will Ava be able to deal with everything that the owner of that strong lusty gaze has in store for her vulnerable body and heart? 

Like Ava, Mark Vidal has also just ended a relationship—a relationship that tested his partner’s boundaries as a Submissive. Ava is unlike any other woman he has ever laid eyes on, and as she stumbles beneath the heat of his possessive glare, he vows to make her his—no matter what the cost. 


Katie McGuire is a high school teacher who leads a normal life. That is, until Rafaele, her former high school and college sweetheart, comes home to speak at their high school. He’s a rags-to-riches story: A once famous baseball player turned multimillionaire businessman and still sexy as sin. But with all that he has and can buy, he still doesn’t have the one thing he’s always wanted: Katie. 

After seeing him again for the first time, Katie finds herself overcome by the passion she felt for him in the past. But having already lost him to his career, she finds herself reluctant to let him back in. His fame has him leading a totally different life from hers. Hell-bent on getting her back, he will stop at nothing. But can she open up her heart to him, and let him flame her burning desire? And what will happen when a drive in the countryside ignites a storm of passion and lust that causes them to question everything?


Leaving a dark secret in her wake, Cara Waters flees from her stable life in Philadelphia to live in the remote Willow Grove, Colorado. Cara’s old college friend Allison manages to drag her along to a Charity Ball, where Cara—feeling awkward and out of place—finds herself drawing the uninvited gaze of a mysterious stranger. The man certainly is handsome, however there is something aggressive in his possessive stare that makes Cara want to escape back to the safety of her little secluded cottage. When it comes time for her to be auctioned, it comes as no surprise that the mysterious stranger is the highest bidder — and it’s a record price! But what she isn’t expecting is that her mystery man is none other than Damien Hayes, the successful CEO of Sol Industries. Cara finds herself later on in the evening standing on Damien Hayes' balcony, the cool night air brushing her skin with the anticipation of what could possibly happen next. 

Damien Hayes is used to getting what he wants. He swears he will have Cara no matter what—body and soul—yet only time will tell what he has in store for her vulnerable heart. But just as Cara seems ready to surrender to Damien’s insatiable thirst for her, will an unexpected call from home plunge Cara back into all the turmoil she thought she’d left behind forever? 


After discovering her would-be husband is cheating with her best friend on their wedding day, Nicole’s world is turned upside down. Seeking respite from the drama that has become her life, she decides to take the cruise that would have been their honeymoon.  But will the getaway prove to be more than just R & R when she finds herself in the grips of a sexy dominant?

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Fiction & Literature
October 9
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