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Franklin, Oops, Mud & Cupcake is an engaging account of four canoe trips in northern Canada written by outdoor author and adventurer Michael D. Pitt. Michael's intimate writing style brings you "into the canoe" as he and his wife Kathleen discover the strength, challenges and self-reliance that come from absolute isolation. The trips are down the Coppermine, Seal, Anderson and Snowdrift rivers.

"Travel four rivers, camp 100 nights, and paddle almost 2000 kilometres. In a friendly and inviting style, Michael Pitt shares his daily experiences and amusing anecdotes, revealing the freedom and wilderness that has defined his life." - Brian Johnston, Arctic paddler and author of "On Top of a Boulder: Notes from Tyrrell's Cairn"

"Michael Pitt's narratives of four Arctic and sub-Arctic canoe trips are as much inner as outward journeys in the search for meaning to life."- Carey Robson, master instructor, Recreational Canoeing Association of BC

"Michael's writing is engaging and immensely enjoyable... a valuable guidebook to these awesome rivers. It is personal, honest, wise, and even a bit cheeky - a joy to read." - Dan Burnett, lifelong tripper of Canadian wilderness rivers

"A real pleasure to follow Michael Pitt down four spectacular northern wilderness rivers. The book prompts the reader to be who you are no matter the source of the challenge!" - Tony Shaw, master instructor and perennial wilderness paddler

About the Author: Michael D. Pitt is a former professor of grassland ecology at the University of British Columbia, now living near Preeceville, Saskatchewan. He is the author of "Beyond the End of the Road: A Winter of Contentment North of the Arctic Circle" and co-author with Kathleen Pitt of "Three Seasons in the Wind: 950 Kilometres by Canoe Down Northern Canada's Thelon River."

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