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I was just sitting down for dinner when the doorbell rang. You know how it is. If it's not a damn telemarketer, it's someone at your door trying to sell you something.

"God dammit!" I threw down my fork and reluctantly rose to see who the hell was bothering me now.

This had better be good, I balled my fists and peeked out the curtains. It took me a couple moments before my mind could comprehend what I was seeing.

There on my front porch were literally the two hottest women I'd ever seen in my entire life. Lady missionaries by the looks of it.

Suddenly, my entire demeanor changed. My cock twitched and my heart palpitated as I stared lustfully at the two church ladies.

These weren't just any ordinary church ladies, either, they were supposed to be chaste, virgin and completely naive and innocent.

And they looked it, too.

One was a tall, blonde, stacked looker with long legs, bright green eyes and a heavenly smile. Her name tag read Jenna.

The other - Rose - was a good several inches shorter with long, dark hair, blue eyes and a very curvy waist. Not as well-endowed as her friend, but nothing to be ashamed of, either.

While I was ogling their delicious looking bodies, they knocked again.

"Wait a minute! Please, give me a moment, I really want to talk to you!" I shouted through the door.

The look on their pretty faces was priceless as they turned to each other and smiled.

They probably thought they'd just hit the jackpot.

Unbeknownst to them, it was I who had hit the jackpot.

Fiction & Literature
July 13
Scarlet FoxxFire
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