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Oberon is a vampire living in the frozen Tundra with a pack of wolves that have treated him better than anyone ever before in his life, including his own family, but the move has been causing chaos, not only with his feedings and his sleep, but with his desires. Living with a pack of wolves who embrace their dominant and submissive sides is hard on a man who, deep down, craves submission, but is always forced to be the one on top.

While Oberon tries to deal with a dark past filled with torture, pain, and rejection, he has a hard time ignoring his dark desires when the sexy beta, Legion, is near. Legion does things to him that make Oberon feel ashamed, but the man pushes every button for him, causing Oberon to have to fight his cravings even harder.

Legion knows there is another out there for him and his boys, Taavi and Sauli, and he promises to do everything in his power to find him. When he meets the large, sexy vampire, something about Oberon calls to Legion on a base level, and his dominant side takes over.

After a very hot and heated encounter with the vampire, Legion now knows that Oberon is a true submissive, but he doesn’t know why the man fights it so much. He makes a promise to find out and draw out Oberon’s dark needs. Legion doesn’t know for sure if Oberon is the true mate they have been looking for, but he has a feeling deep down in his soul that his, Sauli, and Taavi‘s search is over. Now all they have to do is convince the scarred vampire that they belong together.
WARNING: This book may contains triggers for some readers. It contains scenes of violence and heavy BDSM.

December 9
Maggie Walsh
Smashwords, Inc.

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