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Friends Forever

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A Difficult Man to Love – Hayden

It was time to sell. One by one, her life was falling apart. That’s when Hayden accepted that she’d have to sell her farm and move on. Unfortunately, the only offer she had was from a man she hated. Just one month ago, she’d told him that she wouldn’t sell her land to him. Wasn’t it funny (horrible!) how life played games?

Viktor thought that the lovely garden nursery owner was amazing. So when she’d come back to him with an offer to sell her land to him, he wasn’t buying. Nope – he offered marriage instead. When the lovely lady quickly rejected his offer, he decided it was time to show her that he was serious. As a man always in charge, he was determined to get his way on this negotiation.

Little did he know that Hayden wasn’t one to give in so easily. 

Spanish Passions – Natalie

Four years ago, Natalie had fallen head over heals in love with Javier. She didn’t care that he was wealthy, that he lived in a castle or that he was a member of the Spanish aristocracy. She just loved HIM!

But forces intervened and Natalie was banished. She tried to contact Javier, to let him know that she’d conceived a child, but no word was forthcoming. So after their heated affair, where Natalie lost her heart, she moved back to Lisdeer, Virginia, finished college and gave birth to her son, Alejandro. She got a teaching job and moved on with her life. 

Four years later, Javier came back into her life. He wanted Natalie, but on different terms. Natalie refused, furious with him for abandoning her as he had. But she soon found out that Javier hadn’t known about their child. 

Even so, could she trust him again? She’d been so hurt and bewildered by his betrayal the last time, how could she give him a second chance. 

Unfortunately, the chemistry was still there, burning just as hot as before. Maybe even hotter. So when Javier took Natalie into his arms, she couldn’t stop the need his touch incited. 

It was a long road back to trusting each other. Could they do it? And who was telling the truth? 

The Russian’s Proposal - Katia

Katia couldn’t believe it when the scarred and scary stranger proposed! But after Sergei explained, Katia was fully on board. His plan would put her vicious, evil father in prison for the rest of his life – a place he should have been years ago. 

But what hadn’t been in the plan was falling in love with Sergei. He wasn’t just scarred, he was strong and unbelievably compassionate. He was good and kind and determined. And yet, gentle and sweet. How could she not fall in love with her gentle giant? 

One Night with the Sheik - Arianna

Arianna had to find her father. He’d disappeared in the desert country of Triar – which is where she started her search. Unfortunately, some unfinished business with the Sheik of Triar slowed her investigation. 

Rhys Sabad del Isolm, Sheik of Triar discovered that the lovely Arianna Callas was back in his country. The last time he’d seen the gorgeous, stubborn woman was almost a year ago and their ending had been…unsatisfying. 

Time to change that ending. 

Except that Arianna isn’t ready to re-visit the past. In fact, she’d like to avoid discussing the past and had absolutely no intention of any sort of relationship in the future! 

Unfortunately, Rhys had the resources that could expedite her father’s rescue. She’d have to play nice for a while – and keep the man at arm’s distance. 

That was her intention at least. Rhys wasn’t really the kind of man who allowed distance. 

And as they investigated her father’s disappearance together, Arianna wondered if she really wanted that distance.

February 20
Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC
Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC

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