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Everyone knows that the collective sacrifices and legacies left behind by those who both fought in, and live through World War II, provide much of the basis for the personal freedoms which we all enjoy today as Americans. While everyone had a story to tell, none is more endearing, or more heart wrenching, than this personal story of one particular B-17 bombardier, Leonard Gordy. His small town upbringing and the circumstances which led up to his enlistment in the military, help to frame a beautiful setting for the saving graces that come for those who place value upon family, brotherhood, and faith in God. He was captured by the Germans, almost starved to death, and yet, managed to persevere and succeed. This is an uplifting recollection of the series of events which led up to his eventual liberation, reunion with his younger brother while at war, and their trip together back home. You will relive his actual experiences during the war in a manner that will make them your own, and put you right there, right then. inspired by actual events in Leonard's life, you will learn a little about the preparedness and skills that went into the efforts of every soldier that was attached to the United States Eighth Air Force during the war. You'll be able to picture yourself inside the B-17s as they flew their missions, not knowing if they'd ever come back. Experience the thrills and agony that went with the realizations that you'd made it safely through another mission into enemy territory. Learn the real story behind the story of what ended up happening to the prisoners of war of the famous Stalag III, where the "Great Escape" took place. Experience the humanity, and lack of it, at all levels, as you follow this brave airman and his fellow bomber group members up in flight and over enemy held territories.

November 10
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