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    Discover the fascinating world of practical memory techniques that will teach you how to remember huge quantities of information in a very short time.

   The memory methods presented in this book are exactly the same methods that I taught my friends at Fudan University after I was asked how I could study just one night for an exam and still get high grades, remember hundreds of new words that we learned in Chinese in the exact order in which they appear in the textbooks and easily use complex mathematical formulas. After a short practice, they, too, managed to attain the same achievements that seemed impossible to them at first. The first thing I made clear to them was that my memory was completely average, that I had no particular talent for remembering information, and that the ability to easily remember large quantities of information was a matter of attitude rather than luck. Technique rather than talent. And if it’s a matter of technique, then anyone can learn it and use it.

   You will learn how Bill Gates memorized the license plate numbers of all of his employees; how Matteo Ricci, an Italian missionary in China, was able to recite from memory long Chinese poems after reading it once shortly after he arrived to China; how to learn English (or any other language) quickly; how to remember complicated math formulas and much more.

   In the process of reading the book you will encounter remarkable characters, ranging from Peking Man who roamed the plains of east Asia hundreds of thousands of years ago to Jewish teenagers who compete in the annual bible competition in Jerusalem. From an Italian missionary in China to an American man who lives in Thailand and reads a book every day. From a Greek philosopher to an improvisation actress in Beijing named Chakamisha.

​    Beside acquiring exceptional memory abilities, the techniques presented in the book will also boost your creativity to new heights and open a door to a thinking approach most people never get to experience. 

Health, Mind & Body
December 25
Ido Shapira
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