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From Stress to Sanity presents the essence of the Mind Fitness program for peak performance through mental and emotional balance. Mind Fitness, like physical fitness, is a lifestyle that leads to better health and greater fulfillment. Instead of barbells and running shoes, Mind Fitness applies the tools of relaxation, proactive reflection, and whole-brain learning to create a mental and emotional fitness that promotes full potential and well-being.

With this program, you can move from feeling like a victim of your own circumstances and emotional states to feeling that you are actually creating your own life-- the way you want it. The book includes specific exercises, principles, and cognitive strategies to transform the quality of your relationships, career, health, and most importantly, your sense of yourself.

The author writes, What this little book endeavors to do is to present simple learning skills that help you develop a sense of renewed personal control and health, both mentally and physically.

I invite you to experiment freely with the tools presented in the pages ahead. Developing your own health and potential goes hand in hand with expanding and clarifying your life values and purposes. Over the last 15 years, I have worked with this material in a variety of forms, ranging from the intimacy of personal healing sessions to the formality of corporate settings. The overwhelming opinion is that Mind Fitness with its techniques for proactive reflection succeeds in producing positive personal and group change.

From Stress to Sanity reveals how to unleash the power of your mind and create the life you really want. Using this highly accessable program, you will learn how to feel fully alive, to radiate self-confidence, to discard negative habits and build positive new ones. You will enhance your creativity, imagination and intuition, maximize your energy and enthusiasm, transform stress into success, and live your dreams.

From Stress to Sanity Its about your thinking

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January 28

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