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This book is a collection of papers in memory of Gu Chaohao on the subjects of Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics that Gu Chaohao made great contributions to with all his intelligence during his lifetime.

All contributors to this book are close friends, colleagues and students of Gu Chaohao. They are all excellent experts among whom there are 9 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Therefore this book will provide some important information on the frontiers of the related subjects.
Contents:A Profile of the Late Professor Gu Chaohao (Tatsien Li)List of Publications of Gu ChaohaoIn Memory of Professor Gu Chaohao (Xiaqi Ding)In Memory of Professor Gu Chaohao (Gongqing Zhang (Kung-Ching Chang))Stability of E-H Mach Configuration in Pseudo-Steady Compressible Flow (Shuxing Chen)Incompressible Viscous Fluid Flows with Slip Boundary Conditions and Their Numerical Simulations (Ben-yu Guo)Global Existence and Uniqueness of the Solution for the Generalized Schrödinger-KdV System (Boling Guo, Bolin Ma & Jingjun Zhang)Anomaly Cancellation and Modularity (Fei Han, Kefeng Liu & Weiping Zhang)On Interior Estimates for Mean Curvature of Convex Surfaces in R3 and Its Applications (Jiaxing Hong)Geometric Invariant Theory of the Space — A Modern Approach to Solid Geometry (Wu-Yi Hsiang)Optimal Convergence Rate of the Binomial Tree Scheme for American Options and Their Free Boundaries (Lishang Jiang & Jin Liang)Rademacher Φ Function, Jacobi Symbols, Quantum and Classical Invariants of Lens Spaces (Bang-He Li & Tian-Jun Li)Historical Review on the Roles of Mathematics in the Study of Aerodynamics (Jiachun Li)Toward Chern–Simons Theory of Complexes on Calabi–Yau Threefolds (Jun Li)Exact Boundary Synchronization for a Coupled System of Wave Equations (Tatsien Li)Scaling Limit for Compressible Viscoelastic Fluids (Xianpeng Hu & Fang-Hua Lin)Uniqueness Modulo Reduction of Bergman Meromorphic Compactifications of Canonically Embeddable Bergman Manifolds (Ngaiming Mok)The Application of Conditional Nonlinear Optimal Perturbation to Targeted Observations for Tropical Cyclone Prediction (Mu Mu, Feifan Zhou, Xiaohao Qin & Boyu Chen)Isometric Immersions in Minkowski Spaces (Yi-Bing Shen)Remarks on Volume Growth for Minimal Graphs in Higher Codimension (Yuanlong Xin)Separation of Variables for the Lax Pair of the Bogomolny Equation in 2+1 Dimensional Anti-de Sitter Space-Time (Zi-Xiang Zhou)
Readership: Mathematicians and advanced graduate students in mathematics.
Key Features:In memory of the highly distinguished mathematician Gu ChaohaoThe contributors are excellent experts, including 9 members of the CASProvides some important information on Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, etc

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March 18
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