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Fun Reptile Facts for Kids 9-12

Silly, astonishing and just plain weird facts with explanations about one of the world’s strangest family of creatures by pet author Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson. Fascinating and fun for anyone who has a lizard pet, wants one, or is just curious about these odd, ancient and mysterious animals.

Fascinating book about reptiles for children intrigued by animals! This book also makes a great gift for a child, or anyone, who wants or has a reptile pet!

This lively nonfiction book for kids gives curious readers answers to the questions kids love to ask, such as:

What reptile can stay underwater for up to two hours without breathing?
Why do birds and crocodiles swallow stones? What does this help them do?
What fearsome reptile, alive today, knows how to track and kill humans?
What country has more poisonous snakes than anywhere else on earth?
Can reptiles be pets?
Were dinosaurs reptiles?
Are reptiles endangered?

Curious kids who enjoy knowing more about the pets they want or already have will enjoy this animal book.

This is a fun reptile book for kids, or for anyone who intrigued by animals and the natural world.

Fun Reptile Facts for Kids 9-12 is the 4th book in the series Fun Animal Facts for Kids from Crimson Hill Books.

For ages 8 to 12 and/or Grades 4 and up.

This fact filled book also has 42 color photos.

Suitable for libraries, home school and classroom teachers who want to build kids word power.

Available in eBook and Paperback.

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Young Adult
April 2
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