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Nick keeps bumping into Tammy. She's young, beautiful and stacked. He runs into her again and again. If he thought he had a chance with her, he'd do something about it. What Nick doesn't know is that Tammy wants him as much as he wants her. She's a modern woman. Plus, she's horny and impatient, so she doesn't wait for him to make the first move.

Some material may not be suitable for minors.


She was just another body in a sea of people and noise behind the checkout stand. I tried to ignore her like I did everybody else but she was so persistent and friendly. When I finally looked up, my attitude changed completely. With her long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and sweet smile, she belonged on a magazine cover instead of working in a grocery store. She was glamorous and camera ready even in her store uniform. I had on a two hundred dollar shirt and a pair of custom made pants and I looked like I slept in them. She was a foot shorter than my six three frame and far less than half my age but I was smitten. Her face was the friendliest and prettiest I’d seen in a long time.

The smock she wore hinted at a voluptuous figure but it was impossible to tell for sure. The little plastic tag that was pinned to her chest said Tammy. I tried to get a peek at her butt as she bent over to get the detergent from the bottom of my cart. The smock came down too far on someone her size. I wanted to see more. I thought, ‘I’ve got to shop here more often. Maybe I’ll see her again.’

She was walking her dog past me as I worked in the yard the second time I saw her. I’d never seen her there before, but then again, I hadn’t been around very much. The wind blew her polo shirt tight against her body and left no doubt this girl was carrying around an impressive chest under it. The thin material molded to her like a second skin. I stopped at the end of the yard as she waved. After she passed by, I got a fantastic view of her butt wrapped in a pair of skin-tight black bike shorts. She glanced back and caught me ogling her and smiled. Her hips swayed a bit more after that. It took me a minute to remember what I was doing when she was out of sight.

The third time I saw her, she was spreading a towel out on the beach near the deck where I was meditating. Normally, I hate it when someone interrupts my morning routine but I didn’t mind that day. From out on the sand, she called out, “Hi. How are you this morning?”

Though she was yards away, when I looked up, all I could see was her chest. It was fighting a valiant battle with the tiny triangles of fabric tying to contain it. The strings were cutting into her shoulders and stretching thin with the strain. Her flat belly was perfect with a long deep navel that looked like it was made for tickling with my tongue.

Fiction & Literature
March 8
Nick Foxx
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