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June 6, 1944. The Allies have launched the most ambitious and dangerous mission of the war. An operation that must secure a beachhead or risk the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives. Pitched into this hellish scenario is Sergeant Josh Grant and his Sherman tank, Minnie Mouse. Fighting through the corpse-littered Omaha Beach, the crew of Minnie Mouse is confronted by the full horrors of war. Every yard of ground must be fought and paid for in blood.

For Grant, the invasion has become a personal quest. He wants revenge for the death of his brother, and like the rest of his crew, he wants to kill Nazis. All of them. Beyond the German lines the terrifying Tiger I heavy tanks await them, famous for their legendary armor and 88mm guns. One such behemoth is commanded by an SS officer, a veteran of the Russian Front. His crewmen are young members of the Hitler Youth, their fanatical loyalty beyond question. When Minnie Mouse and the Tiger engage in a series of violent engagements, only the savagery of the guns and the courage of their crews will decide who will survive to emerge victorious.

This is a powerful and engaging thriller of the so-called Battle of the Hedgerows. The invasion of France, as seen through the eyes of two tank commanders, one an American, and the other a German. This is superb storytelling, by the bestselling author of many popular war thrillers. These include the Seal Team Bravo series, the Echo Six series, and the Devil's Guard series.

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September 13
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