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They said Yuri wouldn’t be a problem. The dead bodies aren’t buying it.

Find Yuri

When a series of home burglaries turn into grisly death scenes, SFPD reaches out to the FBI for help. Agent Abby Kane steps in and soon discovers that the thief, now turned murderer, has ties to the local Russian mafia. With the heat on the organization intensifying, the Russians decide to rein in their guy. One problem: they’ve lost control of him. This sparks a manhunt fueled by the FBI, the SFPD and the Russians. In an action-packed game of cat and mouse, you’ll never guess who finds Yuri first.

Crooked City

SFPD can’t seem to stop the Golden Gate Bridge killer. The FBI steps in to help but they are quickly inundated by a surge in violent crime. To help turn the tide, Agent Abby Kane seeks help from two of the most unlikely individuals: an assassin and a gang leader. This leads to a frightening discovery that has Abby realizing the worst has yet to come.

Good Bad Psycho

San Francisco is under siege by evil technology that’s led to a rise in gruesome murders. Agent Abby Kane believes the Monster, a sicko from her past, is behind it all. To stop him, she goes on the offensive, but someone from her partner’s past complicates matters. Can Abby put an end to the Monster’s rampage, or will he escape once again?

Fans of Sei and Mui will be thrilled to see them appear in Abby's world.  This box set contains books 10, 11 and 12 in the Abby Kane FBI thriller series. It is also a complete trilogy. Start the chase. Pick up the Fury Trilogy.

What readers are saying:

★★★★★ I can say that there were at least two "jaw dropping" moments in this book that are not to be missed.

★★★★★ The insights to Abby’s thinking involves the reader in her actions.

★★★★★ Omg the ending to that was hilarious and very unexpected!

★★★★★ The collaboration of the FBI and the Assassin banding together is a GREAT combination.

★★★★★ Another heart thumping story that engrosses you from page one.

★★★★★ Part of the fun in reading the book is "peeling back the layers.”

★★★★★ A realistic, gritty, fast moving thriller.

★★★★★ Sometimes it's laugh out loud funny and at other times it's bite your nails intense.

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April 17
Ty Hutchinson
Ty Hutchinson

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